7 Surprising Ways Fish Oil Improves Your Health

Some of the health benefits of fish oil are no secret – it’s well-known that is helps to reduce inflammation and aid in digestion. But there are plenty of other health benefits that are much less known, and may even be surprising. The following are 7 other amazing ways that fish oil improves your overall health and well-being:

1 – Decrease Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Studies have been done in the recent past showing the significant reduction in the symptoms experienced for those with osteoarthritis. The University of Bristol researched the effects that feeding omega-3-rich diets to guinea pigs has. Although guinea pigs are naturally prone to developing osteoarthritis, after consuming this omega-3-rich diet, the guinea pigs were half as likely to develop the disease or any symptoms of it, compared to those that consumed a regular diet. If you’ve got any sort of joint pain or discomfort, taking fish oil every day can significantly reduce your symptoms.

2 – Protect Yourself From Pollution

We all know the negative health issues that being exposed to harmful pollution can have. But who knew that simply taking fish oil every day could actually protect you from these environmental pollutants? Studies have shown that those who take fish oil on a daily basis showed significantly less negative effects on the heart and overall wellness than those who didn’t, despite both groups being exposed to the same unclean air. Particularly if you are a city dweller, taking fish oil daily can protect you from negative cardiac and lipid effects of pollution.

3 – Maintain Lean Muscle Tissue

Preserving muscle mass is important for overall health and longevity. Muscle is metabolically active, which means it is constantly burning fat and calories, even while at rest. Studies have found that preserving muscle tissue is much more effective when people take a fish oil supplement on a daily basis. For example, a study conducted on cancer patients – who generally lose a lot of muscle issue when going through sessions of chemotherapy – showed that those who consumed fish oil were able to maintain their weight, while those who didn’t take this supplement lost an average of 2.3 kilograms.

4 – Strengthen Brain Power

Fish oil has been found to be extremely helpful in maintaining and boosting brain power and memory. There appears to be a distinct association between fish oil consumption and memory power. Those who
consume more fish oil experience less brain shrinkage and better cognitive functioning. Without fish oil in your diet, your brain can age quicker, and the risk of losing thinking abilities is higher.

5 – Increase Fat Burning

Fish oil supplements combined with exercise has been shown to be a powerful combination for efficient fat burning. Studies conducted at the University of South Australia put two overweight groups on an exercise regimen. One group was also given fish oil supplements, while the other was not. The group who consumed fish oil coupled with exercise experienced a significantly higher amount of fat loss, especially in the abdominal area. Taking fish oil supplements that contain both DHA and EPA – which are important for reducing insulin sensitivity and inflammation – can help reduce the chances of obesity.

6 – Improve Bone Strength

As a person ages, their bone density tends to decrease. Fish oil has been shown to offset this effect by keeping the bone mineral content high. Studies conducted in the past have shown that those who consume fish oil on a regular basis for bone health – in addition to calcium, vitamin D and magnesium – showed higher levels of this bone mineral content. It’s clear that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are
essential to maintaining healthy bone density and strength.

7 – Reduce Signs of Aging

Telomere shortening causes aging due to its effect on inhibiting stem cell function and cellular regeneration. Researchers have found that an increase of fish oil in the diet can actually slow down this telomere shortening, which essentially slows down the aging process.

Boosting your omega-3 intake through fish oil supplements clearly has a plethora of health benefits. Simply adding this rich supplement to your daily diet regimen can have incredible effects on your overall health and wellbeing.

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